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For over 60 years, ELB has been producing
state-of-the art surface, profile and creep
feed grinding machines in standard and
workpiece-specific custom configurations.
ELB is the founder of Creep Feed Grinding
and CD (Continuous Dressing) technology.
Twin spindle reciprocating grinders for
blades, way grinders, surface grinders with
vertical or horizontal spindles (or both!),
rotary or reciprocating, auto load or
manual... you name it, ELB can do it!
"SmartLine" Multi-Purpose
surface grinders - Creep Feed,
Surface, Profile, Speed Stroke
Maximum Advantage - Carolinas imports the Palmary quality
centerless and ID/OD cylindrical grinders, from manual and automatic
to NC and CNC. All grinding spindles utilize outboard support
hydrostatic bearings, and the servo-controlled workheads or
regulating wheels offers infinitely variable speed for optimal control.

Numerous machine configurations available, as well as automation
The Jagura CNC single, 2, 3 or 4-spindle CNC ID grinder with
indexing workhead combines many grinding operations into
one. Straight, taper and radius ID, OD and face grinding of
small diameters can be combined into one operation.
Valical ID/OD Vertical Grinder
Max 12S-NC Centerless Grinder
Jagura Video
Max 18S NC Centerless
w/ bowl feed automation
Grinding Equipment
Problems are Universal...
Solutions are Individual.
Problems are Universal...
Solutions are Individual.
Jagura CNC
Indexing Workhead
Twin Spindle CNC w/
indexing workhead
2-axis automatic
micro ID grinder
Rotary surface
OpenLine surface &
profile grinders
  • ID/OD and Universal
  • Single & Twin Spindle ID Grinders
  • Manual, NC and CNC
Vertical Spindle
Rotary Grinders
IG-150-NC ID Grinder
Palmary CNC Centerless
w/ Gantry Automation
Palmary Twin Slide /
Twin Spindle ID/OD CNC
with Gantry Automation
       with in-process gaging

  • CNC ID grinder with shoe
    centerless workholding