Kitako manufactures the most flexible and productive multispindle chucker available.
Their 4-spindle chuckers are offered with horizontal or vertical spindles. and a vast
array of loading possibilities. While two spindles are in the machining area, the two
other spindles are outside of the
work area, ready for load and unload. This offers
substantial time savings and increased spindle uptime. Depending on machining cycle
time, these machines will out-produce 3 stand-alone CNC lathes in 1/3 the space and
1/3 the operators!
Kitako HS4085 Video
Kitako HS4200i Video
Kitako Carrier Video
(Other Kitako videos available upon request)
4-spindle CNC Chuckers
Scenarios most appropriate for a Kitako:

  • Lot sizes from several hundred to thousands of parts or families of parts.

  • Near net-shape parts where "cut" time is low, or load/unload time makes up a good percentage of overall TAKT time.
    (ie: 30 seconds "cut" time, where a 10 second load/unload time makes up 25% of overall TAKT.). Kitako can reduce
    load/unload time to less than 1 second per piece!

  • When there is a significant imbalance between Op10 and Op20 operations, the Kitako can be set up to machine (2)
    Op10 parts then (2) Op20 parts. Therefore, the TAKT time becomes the average of both operations, not the longest of
    both operations. (AA/BB operation).

  • Low "cut" time operations of both Op10 and Op20 being machined simultaneously (AB/AB operation)  
Stand-alone machines:
Kitako HS-4200N (left) and
VT4-350 vertical machine (right)
Kitako has been on the forefront in integrating
Fanuc robots for high efficiency and
competitively priced systems. See videos
showing various robot configurations..
Highly popular Kitako HS4200i with integrated gantry
loader, stocker table and flip-over station. See video.
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Problems are Universal...
Solutions are Individual.
Problems are Universal...
Solutions are Individual.
Kitako VT4-350 video
Kitako HS4200N with
inverted Robot
Kitako HS4200N with
(2) Fanuc robots