Nomura manufactures the finest Horizontal Boring Mills on the market today. They have been making only HBMs for
over 100 years! From 4.3" - 6" spindles, Nomura offers table, floor and planer type machines for a variety of uses, at
unmatched accuracies.

Wide box ways, high thrust ratings, larger ballscrews and an exhaustive process to manufacture the ultra-high precision
bar sets this equipment apart from the competition.
What makes a
Nomura HBM
so special?
HBA-135 5.3" Planer style
HBA-110T 4.33" Table style
  • All Nomura planer type HBMs have massive cast iron bases
    that support the table fully throughout the entire stroke, with
    no overhang. The table type machine bases integrate the
    outrigger slideways; they are not separated like many

  • Only heavy duty box ways are utilized for all axes. Compare
    this to others! The ways are induction hardened and
    ground, including the load and guide surfaces. All mating
    surfaces are hand-scraped.

  • The spindle bar is made of SACM-1 steel, hardened to
    about 70 Rc. The bar is ground in 3mm increments and
    heat treated at each step. It is then chemically nitride
    hardened, finish ground, lapped and superfinished. No
    chrome plating that wears and flakes - no bar that is brittle
    and cannot absorb shock. At full extension, the bar is still
    2/3 in the spindle!

  • Bar clearance to the spindle is very tightly controlled! At full
    extension, droop does not exceed but a couple of tenths.
    There are no hydraulic or mechanical clamps required for
    heavy milling like on others, and there is no electronic or
    hydraulic droop compensation like others have. No need for
    it! The machines are mechanically intrinsically sound.

  • Compare the spindle sizes and spindle horsepower.
    Compare the thrust and horsepower of the feed motors...
    Nomura is usually larger than others. Also, the spindle nose
    is comparably longer for better accessibility to the work
    piece, reaching further beyond the table's edge.

  • Nomura's head stock column supports heavy duty cutting at
    its fullest upper stroke. The spindle is driven via gearbox for
    high torque at low rpms.
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Nomura HBA-110T with CNC facing head