Kitako manufactures the most flexible, productive multispindle
chucker available. Their 4-spindle chuckers are offered with
horizontal or vertical spindles. and a vast array of loading
possibilities. While two spindles are in the machining area, the
two other spindles are outside of the work area, ready for load and
unload. This offers substantial time savings and increased spindle
uptime. Depending on machining cycle time, these machines will
out-produce 3 stand-alone CNC lathes in 1/3 the space and 1/3
the operators!
Kitako HS4085 Video
Kitako HS4200i Video
Kitako Carrier Video
(Other Kitako videos available upon request)
Shimada, like Kitako, provides the benefit of loading and unloading the
turning center while machining. Offered in a 2-spindle arrangement with
capacities from 6" - 12" chucks, this is ideal for short cycle time
secondary operations from screw machines, die castings, cold headed
parts, forgings and powder metal parts, and lower lot size runs in an
A/A or A/B load scenario. Easily manually loaded, or automated with
gantry or robot systems.
2-spindle w/ Robot loader
(Other Shimada videos available upon request)
2-spindle manual load
2-spindle w/ auto measuring
As the #1 multispindle manufacturer in Japan, Shimada offers 6
& 8 spindle lathes (chucker and bar machines) with up to (2)
CNC slides available. These machines are camless automatics
on a compact machine platform, and are competitively priced!
6-Spindle Chucker w/
2 CNC slides
6-spindle chucker w/
pick & place loader
Camloh Machinery - 2521 Case Hill Road - LaFayette, NY  13084 - (315) 345-3571
Lico manufactures a CNC Multi-Slide screw machine unlike
any other. The LNTS series machine consists of (3) CNC
compound cross slides mounted on the spindle face, plus an
8-position live-tool turret with a pick-off spindle mounted on the
turret. This allows for up to (4) tools in the cut simultaneously,
with full backworking capability! This machine effectively  
"bridges the gap" between single spindle turning centers and
multi-spindle automatics, ideal for short and medium volume
production runs.
Check out the video!
Lico LNTS Video
Lico LNTS series CNC
Multi-Slide screw machine
Stama is best known for its fine lines of twin spindle and
4-spindle VMCs. From 3 to 5 axis, from single to twin pallets.
Turnkey production applications are Stama's specialty.
Stama System 7: 5-axis Mill / Turn
machine based on VMC platform.
Completed parts from bar stock.
Stama 4-spindle, 5-axis VMC, with
or without pallet changer
System 7 Mill/Turn Video
Twin Spindle Video
(Other Stama videos available upon request)
Shimada 6-spindle Chucker
(Other Lico videos available upon request)