Shimada, like Kitako, provides the benefit of loading and unloading the turning center while machining. Offered in a 2-spindle
arrangement with capacities from 6" - 12" chucks, this is ideal for short cycle time secondary operations from screw machines, die
castings, cold headed parts, forgings and powder metal parts, and lower lot size runs in an A/A or A/B load scenario. Easily manually
loaded, or automated with gantry or robot systems.
2-spindle w/ Robot loader
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2-spindle manual load
2-spindle w/ auto measuring
As the #1 multispindle manufacturer in Japan, Shimada offers 6 spindle chuckers that are based on a camless automatic platform.
The machine can be equipped with up to (3) CNC XZ slides. These machines are compact and competitively priced!

Rough Turning, Drilling, Thread Rolling, Tapping, etc. can be performed via the standard hydraulic driven slide. Finishing (OD profile
turning and ID boring, single point threading, etc.) can be performed using the servo-driven CNC slides.

Generally speaking, cycle time is approximately 4 times faster compared with single spindle CNC lathes.
6-Spindle Chucker w/
2 CNC slides
6-spindle chucker w/
pick & place loader
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Shimada 2-spindle CNC Chuckers
Shimada 6-spindle CNC Chuckers
Shimada offers (3) different 6-spindle bar machines that are also based on their camless automatic platform as their line of multispindle
chuckers. The 16mm / 27mm / 32mm machines can be equipped with up to (3) CNC XZ slides, using Iemca or Cucchi bar loading systems.
Optional pickoff spindle and backworking capabilities are available.
Shimada 6-spindle CNC Bar Machines
Scenarios most appropriate for Shimada 2-spindle chuckers:

  • Medium to large lot sizes (smaller lots than Kitako).
  • Cycle "cut" times that are short compared to loading time (in terms of %)
  • Tasks with a big difference between the Op10 and Op20 process cycle times
  • Tasks that requires a large amount of time for chucking under manual loading
Shimada 2SI-10 with optional Fanuc robot
Shimada 2SI-6 with loading robot.
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Shimada 6-spindle CNC Chucker
6-spindle bar with (2)
CNC slides - Sta 4 & 5
Problems are Universal...
Solutions are Individual.
2-spindle 11 sec TAKT